Launceston - 25th September, 2019 (Tassie Combine)

Race complete. Results available.

We have 41 birds liberated Wednesday morning for 14 flyers. - The birds were eating and drinking well and are were raring to go when released.

Liberation Report

Birds released 6:44 am. Very light SW but stronger at height. All birds bar one climbed high and headed straight for home. Clocks can be read in your own club provided 4 SCF flyers are present (not necessarily competing in Tassie). - ring Trevor tasseling However all are welcome to come to Dapto club around 7:30pm to read clocks but please let Derek louth (0425244101) know if you get a bird on the day so we can ensure we have member's present.

Dapto Pigeon Club Breeders Plate Sale Race

Dapto Pigeon Club 2020 Breeders Plate.pdf

Shellie's Pigeon Club Breeders Plate Sale Race

Shellie's Pigeon Club Squeaker Sale.pdf

Towradgi Pigeon Club Breeders Plate Sale Rac

 next towradgi sale is november 22nd penning from 6.15pm starting 7.30pm woonona/bulli rsl pigeon club for info ring d.monteleone


Berkeley Pigeon Club Breeders Plate Sale Race


Next sale Friday 15th November (only Berkeley members may race sale birds) 


If you need a video player - VLC Media Player 


2020 SCF Schedule




SCF $10 Ring Race details:

 For all flyers that are in the $10 ring race all noms have to be on friday night basketing 24th may 


 SCF $10 RR.pdf