Byron Bay - 3rd September, 2016 (Byron Bay EAST COAST CLASSIC)

Sponsored by: Dr Rob Marshall and JM feeds

Birds are scheduled to be liberated. Exact liberation time unknown.

The East Coast Classic from Byron Bay 695k North to South is being flown next weekend, 3.9.16!!!... This is an INTER FED Race, flown by DIRECT SURVEY with the following information listed below: 1. THE EAST COAST CLASSIC (ECC), transport by the NCF, liberation as per the NCF Liberation Protocols with consultation of the other two Feds, Central Coast and SCF. Given that the three Feds are racing the same route, NORTH ROAD, then the liberation information would be very similar to all three Feds. 20 birds per basket. 2. The ECC will be a 5 Bird, any age entry with a cost $25 per team, up to the five birds, one price. All ENTRY monies to stay in their own SECTION and paid out as per the SCF prize money Calculator. Additional Cost: Freight will be $10 per team of up to 5 Birds. This includes freight to Newcastle, and freight to race point with NCF. 3. Sponsorship by way of $100 of Dr Marshall's Products and $100 of JM Produce Products for the SCF section. 4. There will be overall Cards for TOP performances within the OVERALL RACE. The three Feds to compete in the ECC this year are from Newcastle area, Central Coast and South down to the South Coast. 5. Basketing Thursday 1st September at Dapto Pigeon Club 11am to 12 NOON SHARP. Only BENZING Basketing Stations are available at this Club. Please bring Tipes, Mega, etc Basketing Stations with you, if required. WIND UPS to be set and kicked and read, as per SCF Combine Racing Rules, Thursday night. ALL monies owing to be strictly paid at basketing, exact money, please. 6. Results must be read as per SCF Combine Rules at Clubs. If your Club has insufficient SCF Flying Members available, please go to a larger , nearby SCF pigeon Club. 7.Optional $10 Loft Pool. 8. YOU MUST NOMINATE WITH THE SCF SECRETARY Neil Cavill on 0479003232 BY SATURDAY NIGHT 27 AUGUST, '16 TO GUARANTEE YOUR ENTRIES, STRICTLY LIMITED PLACES. Neil Cavill SCF Secretary

Coffs Harbour - 3rd September, 2016 (IGBF & SALE RACES)

Birds not Liberated. Liberation scheduled at 7:00am

Illawarra Gold Band Futurity. Sale Races.

SCF Comm Meeting 2.8.pdf


 NEXT SCF Committee Meeting September 6th 2016, 7pm at the Dapto Homing PC.


Eastcoast Any Age National.pdf


SCF Overall Pointscore
1 Gallagher and Upward 109
2 Brent Cavill 189
3 Graham Kerr 221
4 Brett Yeaman 229
5 Stephen Saywell 253
6 Jeff Sheppard 263
7 Dennis Upward 264
8 Robert Yeaman 312
9 Barrie Yeaman 314
10 Levent Birgin 326
South Overall Pointscore
1 Gallagher and Upward 67
2 Brent Cavill 108
3 Brett Yeaman 126
4 Dennis Upward 160
5 Robert Yeaman 181
6 Barrie Yeaman 190
7 Peter Clarke 205
8 D&C Louth 225
9 John Cook 232
10 P&K Breeze 233
North Overall Pointscore
1 Graham Kerr 94
2 Stephen Saywell 113
3 Jeff Sheppard 115
4 Graham Worthington 142
4 Paul Barnes 142
6 Billy Hider 148
7 Levent Birgin 149
8 Col Hedley 169
9 Alec Krkovski 173
10 Victor Vlaisavjlevic 184